About Us

Hello, we are Urban Renewable Power Ltd. The company was established in 2011 and we have a wealth of experience in the installation of energy saving and power generation methods.

Urban Renewable Power Ltd Sheffield

We provide everything from concept to completion to help homeowners and landlords reduce energy their costs by installing energy efficient measures.

Assessment and Survey of your Property

At Urban Renewable Power Ltd we have qualified energy surveyors to assess your building and recommend the best solution to save or generate the maximum amount of energy. We use government software and survey procedures to ensure we give you the most accurate information.

Installation of the Technology

We have a wealth of experience under our belt and have qualified tradesmen on board to ensure all work carried out is to the best quality.


I would like to take this opportunity as chairman of the Friends of Brooklands to say how grateful we are that you have undertaken these works in our community. I would also like to add how already the very tidy appearance of so many of the proprieties is beginning to enhance our environment.
Michael Masterson

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